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“We back scanned all of our existing member file documents—over 150 banker boxes—and continue to update these files as needed. Our records structure itself is much better organized, as it now serves as a central location for member files.”

Adam Kirilo, VP, Operations & Finance
Luminus Financial, Ontario, CA

“The sheriff’s office and DA’s office have directly attributed Laserfiche with their ability to prosecute a couple of high-profile cases with the instant ability to search for names in thousands of pages of documentation, a process that used to take hours or days and was often inaccurate. Refiling after use is not necessary; documents stay and are used where they are located.”

Devin Goble, Programmer Analyst
Jackson County, Medford, OR

“Establishing a united, online storage system for documents makes it easy for users at different locations to simultaneously review environmental permitting files. We can now transfer documents between offices instantaneously, search current and legacy documents, and quickly respond to public records requests. We no longer have to spend time and effort determining if there are multiple versions of a particular file. By maintaining electronic documents as official records, we ensure consistency for the public and reviewers.”

Beverly Strickland, Laserfiche Administrator
North Carolina Division of Water Resources, Raleigh, NC

“Automation cuts hundreds of hours each year off the time spent processing paperwork, as well as greatly reducing time-consuming errors. With the evolution of Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, Edgewood ISD has become a much more efficient workplace.”

Armando Ontiveros, Business Analyst
Edgewood Independent School District, San Antonio, TX

“We’ve built more than 20 workflows to automate business process within each of our jurisdictions, including payment transactions. With automation, we’re reaping significant time savings enterprise-wide.”

David Humphrey
Intertrust, Amsterdam, Holland

“The life of the loan, from a prospect through all the stages until the loan is booked, is monitored by business processes in Laserfiche. We now have the added benefit of monitoring who is responsible in each step, the time they are taking to complete their steps, and a large amount of additional information that can be used to monitor production and each department’s efficiency.”

Rob Durst, Assistant Vice President – Credit Analysis
First Sentry Bank, Huntington, WV

Phase 1

Create an electronic filing cabinet by converting your documents from paper to digital.

Pain Points

  • Excessive storage and retrieval costs
  • Risk of losing important documents
  • No control over who can access what documents
  • A paper-heavy office

Your Path to Transformation

Defining your organization’s transformation aspirations to lay the foundation for all improvements to follow. If you still have file cabinets full of paper and non-enforceable policies, going digital is the seminal step in Digital Transformation.


  • Reduce document storage expenses
  • Digital, scalable document storage
  • Mitigated risk of data loss
  • Easily manage access to sensitive content

Phase 2

Easily categorize your documents and manage them in a secure, central location.

Pain Points

  • Paper-based data entry
  • Manual data entry
  • No shared or central access to documents
  • Information silos

Your Path to Transformation

Organize your content with metadata in a central location. Categorizing information makes it easy to search and share without sacrificing security.


  • Minimal data entry and reduced human error
  • Centralized, secured document access
  • Enable document collaboration
  • Fewer duplicate work tasks

Phase 3

Improve accountability by digitizing your processes with electronic forms.

Pain Points

  • Time-consuming, manual processes
  • Inconsistent, disorganized business processes
  • Lack of data integration between applications
  • Difficulty complying with regulations

Your Path to Transformation

Encourage a digital culture that embraces change. Use automation within your core processes to eliminate inefficient, manual processes that waste time and resources.


  • Increased productivity and elimination of manual tasks
  • Standardized, mapped-out processes
  • Easy integration between applications
  • Simplified compliance that addresses regulatory concerns

Phase 4

Gain more visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency of cross-functional processes.

Pain Points

  • Information silos
  • Lacking data policy oversight
  • Minimal process visibility
  • Cumbersome, complex processes

Your Path to Transformation

Lack of oversight can make it difficult to manage automated processes that impact multiple parts of the organization. Increased insight into process performance provides the information you need to improve compliance, increase accountability and transparency, and minimize complexity.


  • Streamlined, simplified business processes
  • Improved compliance, data oversight and data quality
  • Ability to reach optimal staffing levels using prescriptive analytics
  • Increased vision into process health and performance

Phase 5

Drive innovation and transform your processes by leveraging analytics.

Pain Points

  • Limited agility
  • Change management costs
  • Processes are not aligned with business needs
  • Limited analytics for gaining business insight

Your Path to Transformation

Leverage analytics to improve the way your organization operates by turning information into insight. Safeguard your organization and its information and processes against future compliance risks. A true innovator never stops innovating.


  • Predictive analytics create new ways to improve doing business
  • Processes are built for growth and to support organizational goals
  • An agile business ecosystem
Take the next step on your journey and see how Laserfiche can transform your workplace.
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